Fabulous Holidays- Decorating for Christmas

I was feeling a little scroogey and not ready for Christmas, nevertheless I had hubby haul out the Christmas Decor. Cut to me, listening to Christmas carols on Sirius Radio and decorating the whole house! HA! Truth is any chance to be creative is fabulous and even though we are tightening the Christmas gift giving budget this year :( I can still get in the spirit!

We aren't doing a tree this year, but I did get enough greenery to satisfy my Christmas feeling. I decorated the mantle in the living room,

This is where I also put all my Christmas cards in these cute holders.

Also did the den mantle, really has become a playroom for Landon, so I did a little Landon toy theme! Hung the Dog and Cats stockings too.

Hung greenery over the door in the dining room and then did a little Christmas village on the side board.

Hubby's Dad is big into trains (as you know) and his parents have helped me start my own little train village collection based on New York City where I grew up most of my life. All the buildings light up.

So far I have the Empire State Building,

The Ed Sullivan Theater,

And Radio City Music Hall.

Luckily this year we'll be in NYC to see it all in real life!!! Exciting!
Until we have more space to set up the whole train track, I do a little village scene. Too cute!

Of course Hubby got stuck with the biggest chore of putting the lights up on the outside of the house. He did come up with a genius way to save time next year, he used 1/2 inch plastic staples that will stay up all the time.

Here's my dining room table.

I did a little more decorating on my side table.

Had to use my ornaments any way I could!


PaperCourt said...

It looks great. I've done nothing but the tree. The mantle is bare.

justme said...

looks so pretty !!! my hubby grew up in nyc as well.

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

HI!! So sorry to not have stopped by for a while- I honestly have been posting and trying to sneak in a bit of blogging on naps - but naps are changing and we had so much going on with Jacks birthday.

I like your little village- so cute-my mom does a similar colonial one.

Hope all is well with you and Landon!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

It looks SO festive!

Lamp Tramp said...

Oh, I love everything! Are those fresh greens?....lucky you, it is too hot here to do that. Your New York City story and replicas are enchanting. How fun to grow up in NYC and to go there for Christmas. Have not done that in years. My first married Christmas we could not afford decorations, so I made suger cookies in holiday shapes. I love to tell my children that story. I don't think they "get it".

Connecticut Charm said...

Everything looks so pretty! The cityscape is really cute and must look so pretty from the outside as well all lit up! What a cute idea.

Kiki said...

Stumbled onto your site from Conn. Charm, (hope that's okay) I also grew up in NYC and am planning a trip for New Years...your decorations are fab, and love the beachy ornaments...lovely site.

Kim said...

Everything is so cute--love your Nutcrackers on the mantle.

I put up one tree yesterday and it took me all day. 1200 lights, what was I thinking?

I love those buildings, but don't have any because I want them to be meaningful and not just random Christmas houses. NYC is perfect since you grew up there. Very cool.

Caffeine Court said...

Your house looks wonderful! I've got to step it up a bit...we head to Pennsylvania to cut down a tree tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Beautiful decorations!