Not so Fabulous- Travel over the Holidays

We were off to a great start. Isn't that always how these stories go? We were packed, got to the airport on time, through security at lightening speed, and we were ready to board our flight to Connecticut. That's when our problem began. There was an announcement that we would need to fly to Las Vegas first for more fuel. Something about a runway closed at our airport and us needing enough fuel to get to the East Coast. So our 5 hour flight, became a 10 hour flight. Oh yes we had our 17 month old with us. The good news: he was an angel. The bad news: he lost it at the airport.

Things we did right:
I had plenty of toys (some new), books (some new) and snacks.
I brought my commputer to play baby Einstein DVDs
We flew jet blue who loves kids, has TVs, and changing tables in the bathroom.
We got Landon his own seat.
We brought the car seat and used it on the plane.
We let him play with everything on the plane first and then toys and movies.
We kept him on his schedule and he napped and ate in car seat!

What we did wrong:

We thought we'd made it when we hit JFK. That's when the fun didn't start. The limo couldn't get to us for a half hour, we ran out of milk, poopy diaper, crying tired, etc etc etc.

Ahhhh the holidays. When you say to yourself: NEVER AGAIN! And then of course you always do!

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PaperCourt said...

I've had similar experiences! But always do it again.