Fabulous Mom- Interview with Tessa Goss

Once again I have found the perfect mom to interview. Wife, mother, actress, Tessa Goss is not only a wonderful mother but and artist as well. Here's how she manages to do it all...

1. How would you describe yourself?

A work in progress. Confidant and insecure; certain and unsure; smart and in able to find my words. In love with my husband. Obsessed with my boys.

2.How do you continue to follow your passions and dreams while being a mom?

I am pursuing the only thing I would ever want to do outside of being a full-time mother: acting.

3. How has motherhood changed you?

I’ve become a lot less self-centered. Couldn't care less about my birthday. Don’t want a thing for Christmas. Also, my heart has grown, obviously, to make room to love on those little ones. And, along with that, it has grown more compassionate for those who have little or are ill or are overseas fighting for us…

4. What do you do for yourself so that you can still be Fabulous?

I would hardly say I am fabulous. Very far from it. The main thing I do for myself is exercise. Los Angeles’ West side has so many awesome classes. So, I go to a running/weights class once a week, a spin class twice a week, and a yoga class once a week. Wow. Maybe that’s a little excessive now that I see it on paper! But exercising allows me to eat whatever I want, any time of day. Otherwise I will still eat whatever I want and my jeans won’t fit . And that’s really just no fun. If I wasn’t acting out here in the land of tight asses, I would be much less rigid about the working out. But my motto is no excuses: I refuse to walk out of a room and think I didn’t get the job because the next girl could have a quarter bounced off her rear. And, trust me, the industry is definitely that superficial.

5. What is the best mom advice you’ve ever gotten?

Other than THE Bible, my mommy-Bible is a book called “How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen; How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk”. (Long title!) It changed my relationship with my 4-year-old who was about to be murdered (by me). I followed the advice in the book and, in one day, we went from fighting to understanding each other.
I also was told recently that God gives us these children as they are. Our job is to mold them in to decent human beings. We can’t chance them, but we can mold them. That helped me to let go.

6. What are your top five Fabulous must haves?

I’m not much of a shopper. I love some new tops I just got at Target. Blue jeans from Banana Republic. And Ashley Dearborn shoes. That’s kind of my uniform. (Outside of yoga clothes, which I basically live in.)
But for realsies, my must-haves are cashmere socks to sleep in! Hubby and I have opposite body heaters.

7. Complete this sentence: “Being……makes me One Fabulous Mom.

Being patient..and not tired…and nurturing…and fair makes me a Mom I can be proud of.


workinthatpreppy said...

great interview...i agree to take care of your family, one must first take care of themselves...

Mrs. LSL said...

Thanks for the message! One thing down, and I got some shopping done over the weekend, on to the next task! :)

I really enjoyed the interview, keep them coming!