Not so Fabulous- Christmas Party Invites

Oh I have sung the praises of fine stationary, but alas, NO MORE! I ordered invitations for Mom's and my joint cocktail party in CT Nov 5th. I didn't get them until Dec 7th! To make matters worse (the party is Dec 23rd), they arrived without the bows. Hello!? We ordered these William Arthur invitations because of the bows! Otherwise it's a plain red card! Calling William Arthur was no help. They didn't even care. I called and asked Fine Stationary if they could overnight me bows. They said no but would get to me by today. THEY NEVER CAME.

Cut to me, going to the craft store and finding the ribbon I could closest match to the original, and then glue gunning them on! What a pain in the rear.

On another more positive note, I took Landon to see Santa this past weekend. Thanks to Magnolia Mama's nightmare two hour wait, I decided to wait until 1pm to go to the mall because Santa arrived at 11am. When we got there we were delighted to see that only four people were in line! Thanks Magnolia Mama!!!

You win some, you lose some!


SnappyCasualGifts said...

what a nightmare!
Glad the santa visit went well.

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

How awful. Was it They were adorable invites. Glad you could get the ribbon for bowing it up.

Mrs. LSL said...

That is awful! I am so sorry! Yours ended up looking great, however. Good work! I'm glad that the Santa visit went well. Take care!

The Mrs. said...

Yes it was buyer beware!

magnolia mama said...

What a bummer! But they do look cute!

We still haven't made it back to Santa. Maybe next week.