Fabulous Holiday's- Sea worthy gifts for kids

I love anything Beachy and Nautical. Here are some wonderful gifts for the sea
worthiest kids on your list.

Pirate Ship Rocker

Motor Boat Rocker

Both from Nautical Luxuries. Such a cute site!

Sweaters and and swimsuits from Periwinkle Online

Nautical Robeez!

How about this adorable toy box from Wild Wood Creations Inc!

Some sea creatures and a mermaid for snuggling!

All from Art Bebe!

Bon Voyage!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

I want that monogrammed swimsuit for my daughter!

P.S. That link didn't work for me....maybe something is wrong with my computer....

The Mrs. said...

Whoops! Had the wrong URL. All fixed now. Click away!