Funny Girl

When you meet a Funny Girl, you want to be her friend.

She made you laugh, you feel relaxed, and don't want it to end...

You tell her of your tragedies, you're going to lose your mind...she tells you she understands and makes you smile every time.

That's the thing about her. The thing you never knew. That Funny Girl was such a friend, she was pretty too.

So here's to all the Funny Girls, we know you do it all....And Happy 100th Birthday to the best Funny Girl, one of my favorites Lucille Ball. (pictured above)
Wife, Mom and "Pretty" Funny Girl.


Lin said...

Love her! I actually spent all weekend watching I Love Lucy re-runs on the hallmark channel, haha.

Anonymous said...

...I married one!

-The Mr.

Lydia Isabelle said...

aw! great post!

Debra said...

I just love her. She is one of my all time favorites. I could spend hours watching I Love Lucy.