Fill In Thursday!

Join me for Fill In Friday! (Not my idea but can't remember whose it was!)

I want to know your answers!

1. My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is: Buying something new!!!! 
2. This week has been: Better because Coco is smiling more. 

3. When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat : string cheese and veggies dipped in cilantro dip!
4. My favorite pair of shoes is: My gold Bonannos of course.
5. A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I can never part with is: a stuffed cow someone gave me when Landon was in the hospital. 
6. My Go To Summer meal is: Pork Loin and Greek Salad
7. If I were going to write my own essay it would say: "The best thing I've done all summer is..." and my answer to that would have to be beach days with my husband, friends and kids.

Your turn! 


Karen said...

1. Go to outfit: red, raw silk strapless dress from Ann Taylor so timeless.

2. This week has been great because it's cooler and the baby and I can get outside for walks.

3. Lazy dinner: chips and salsa or cereal

4. Fav shoes: Coach flats

5. hmmm, I have all the stubs from movies i see with my husband even the ones when we dated.

6. Summer meal: grilled chicken, salad

7. Essay - How excited we are to have our daughter being a parent is the most amazing and precious gift.

The Major's Wife said...

1) Basic black dress with a bow

2) I am organized, caught up and have outings with friends planned

3) Grilled cheese

4) Fav shoes: gold Bonanno flats

5) unnecessary item: my childhood blanket

6) summer meal: crab cakes

7) Essay: how blessed we are to have so many visitors

Debra said...

1) Go to outfit: I have a couple but jost got a cream colored silk/linen dress from JCrew that will be the 'it' dress.

2)This week has been amazingly busy and quick -even though school is back in. Thought I'd have more leisure time during the day.

3)Quesadillas- quick easy and I toss in whatever I have in the fridge.

4)Fave shoes: A pair of pewter Ann Taylor thongs.

5)Unnessary item: A globe my hubby got me for Christmas a few years ago.

6) Go to summer meal: Grilled salmon w/ veggies and sauteed mushrooms on the side.

7)My essay would be: How incredibly full my life is.