The Water Whisperer!

Last summer we enrolled Landon in swim lessons with the Water Whisperer. This was not something Landon, or I was looking forward to. He was one of those kids who did not like swimming. He didn't even like getting his hair wet in the bath tub!!!  He was very nervous, didn't like water in his face, and he was not happy about getting in the pool.

We showed up for lessons and the first day or two, there was a lot of tears. He was upset, he didn't want to swim. By the third day, Landon was feeling more confident. By the fifth day, he was thrilled. He was happy. He was joyful. He was swimming!

This has seriously been the highlight of my summer. To have a kid who was not happy about swimming become a person who loves the water, is worth it's weight in gold to me. The water whisperer has great instructors who are kind but firm, loving but disciplined.

By the end of our set if lessons Landon was not only jumping off the diving board in the deep end, but volunteering to go first!! AMAZING.

This year we are taking lessons again to refresh and get ready for the summer. This year Landon asked me if we could go back to the Water Whisperer! He loved his instructor! I cannot say enough about the owner Emily or her staff! We love the Water Whisperer!!

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Bella Michelle said...

Oh fun!!!! I love watching those transformations! I think, also, as a Mom I found a relief when they learned to swim. Not that it relieves me from constant watching but just one of those "they need to learn" milestones.