Osama Bin Laden is Dead.

 I could not be happier that Osama Bin Laden was finally killed by some crafty and brave Navy Seals. This is a victory we needed. Yes, there will be other Osama's but what he did on 911 I will never forget. I am reprinting the story of my friend Pete who died on that day. NEVER FORGET.

Where were you on 9/11 nine years ago? I was on the couch watching the news when it was interrupted by the report a plane had hit the one of the twin towers. At first it seemed like an accident. There was so much confusion. Then the second plane hit. Such horrifying sights. Husband and I had been together only a few weeks when this happened and he got on a plane to attend my friends husbands funeral. He was killed that day along with the rest of his colleagues at Cantor Fitzgerald. His wife Michelle was a childhood friend. Here's her tribute to him:

"Pete had such a beautiful spirit. Pete loved life and he was filled with a never-ending enthusiasm that he extended to each and every person that he met. Anyone who met Pete-even just in passing-walked away thinking "what a great guy". He was the most genuine, generous, happy and fun loving person I have ever known and we are better people for having had him in our lives.
There was not a part of Pete's life that he did not enjoy. He loved his job at Cantor Fitzgerald and the excitement and challenges that came with it. He loved our life in Bronxville and the close friends that we have made these past five years. And to Pete's friends from Villanova were the brothers he never had.
As a husband, Pete always made me feel so special. The sparkle in his eye gave me so much happiness and we had such joy in all that we did and all that we shared. When I married Pete he made a good life great and I will miss him unspeakably every day for the rest of my life.
As a Father, I can only say that his spirit goes on in Jack and Griffin. Nothing was more important to Pete than the time he spent with the boys whether it was fishing, bike riding, his recent camping overnight with Jack-or simply walking around with Griffin on his shoulders. He always looked forward to coaching little league, boy scouts, football games and being an influential part of their lives.
If we can remember all of the ways Pete touched our lives, and pass it on to his boys, then his spirit will live on in them. It is so important to me that his children know just how special he was- so please share his life with them...as I will do every day.
And finally, as Pete died on my birthday I feel the need to recognize his life as my biggest gift. He is the finest person I have ever known and as short as my time was with him was, I am forever blessed for having loved him."


lizziefitz said...

A real testament to the joyous life that was stolen.

Melissa said...

I'm not usually happy when I hear of someone dying, but bin Laden's death is one that I'm glad to hear about. He took so many people's lives that he had it coming.

I'm so sorry about your friend :(

Jennifer said...

so sorry for your loss. We have waited for this day. Thanks for blogging about it. We will never forget! Jennifer aka Gigi

BroncoMom said...

I have no words of comfort for you Mom. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us today.

bevy said...

A true reason for the need to kill the monster...