Top 20 Baby Names Of 2010! Oh NOOOOOOOOO!

I am one of those people that when choosing a baby name looked at the most popular name list and said "I'm not picking one from here!" Well too late. Landon has moved into the top 20. So far Coco is safe. LOL.
What fascinates me about this list is how it is driven by pop culture. Is it any surprise that Aiden is the top boy name when we are all obsessed with Aiden from Sex and The City? Jayden wouldn't even be on the list at all if it weren't for one Miss Britney Spears. Emma of course was the name of Jennifer Anistons baby on Friends. Isabella? Let's not forget Bella Swan from Twilight. Of course Jacob will be on forever because of Jake from Sixteen Candles. And you sports fans know Peyton Manning right?

Girls' NamesBoys' Names

So I guess we will have no problem predicting the future top baby name lists:

Taylor (Lautner)
Robert (Pattinson)
Justin (Beiber)
Demi (Lovato)
Miley (Cyrus)
Or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga would be tame compared to some of the ridiculous baby names we have out here in LA!

Some of the worst offenders?
1. Rob Morrow- had a baby named Tu Morrow. Cue Orphan Annie music.
2. Penn Gilette has Moxie Crime Fighter. Is that her profession?
3. Jason Lee named his baby Pilot Inspektor. Does the K make it less TAKKY?
4. Nick Cage has a son Kal- El. Oh boy.
5. Jermain Jackson has a son named Jermagesty. I guess that's his official title.

Please parents just stop! And don't name your child Landon either!


Karen said...

Names are so difficult. We're trying to find the perfect name for our baby girl. The two we love thankfully (for now) are not in the top 20.

PS Love your kiddos names!

bevy said...

Oh, I am soooooooooo upset. I have a child in the top FIVE!!! And I am so not into trendy names. Blech...

S said...

I completely agree - I really didn't want any of my kids' names to be in the top baby names. I see my boys' names creep up there every once in a while but they aren't there this year!

Brie said...

Liam is #10???? what!!!!! We don't know anyone in NJ who is a Liam (although one or two William's with a Liam nickname) but when we are in Cape Cod - if you call out "Liam" on the beach.... you'll have about 10 kids look over at the same time! I thought I was so original. Wha...
Jermasty is beyond fantastic!

Henley on the Horn said...

I am glad we're not in the top 20 on either list!

Suburban Princess said...

None of our names will ever be in the top 100 even so I am safe. All three of us have unusual names so on one hand there are no copycats but on the other hand it's impossible to find anything with our names on it lol\

kal-el is superman's real name ;o)

mamamagnolia said...

My son is has his grandmother's maiden name as his name and my daughter has a good ole southern girl double name. I really don't like trendy names- so glad we didn't land on the list.

Melissa said...

Both of our boy names are in the top 20! We want Jackson or Landon (sorry). Hubs loves Landon because of that soccer player from the World Cup, which may be why it's getting more popular. My girl name (Lily) is in the top 10 too. It sucks, but I love the name too much to not use it.

The Shabby Princess said...

I don't have kids yet, but, I don't want my children to have super trendy names. Of course, the name Emma is a family name and the only girl name my husband and I can agree on, but, ever since Friends, it's become SO popular. Sigh.... Maybe by the time we have kids it won't be so popular anymore. Ha!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Funny I looked at the list of top 100 boy's names about a month ago and my youngest was at 99 I believe. I thought for sure neither of mine made the list! My oldest is mad though that he never can find his name when you see personalized items in stores. Oh well. I didn't want popular names.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love seeing what the popular baby names are. There are so many names on the list that I like but I don't like that they are popular. We thought Carter was a good solid name that would be somewhat unique but it is turning into a popular one around my parts...I just hope if doesn't make the list!

Preppy 101 said...

Love this post! I'll have to let you know when my son and dil name their baby girl who is due in May! Xoxo

Christie Smith said...

I SOOOO agree with you! It was double hard for me because I worked in daycare while going to school and I am a teacher so some names have bad memories!
My daughter Olivia used to not be on the top 20 list but has been for a couple of years :(
I got her name from Designing Women Charlene named her daughter Olivia! My son Christopher I dont think I have to worry about :) I hamed him after me!

Love your posts!!

Preppy Sue said...

Ummm, 9 year old son's name made the girls' list!!

Debra said...

We're not into trendy names either. My daughter's name will not make the list but a form of her name is on it- Addison. She is Adeline and they both have the same nickname. Of course, she tells me she wants to change her name to Addison. Go figure!

bevy said...

Addendum to my last comment: my son's trendy name is actually his great-grandmother's last name! We are this weird southerners who name everyone after relatives, living or dead. This is a post I wrote about it...

Happy 1/11/11!

Mommie Lynda said...

My baby happens to be #1 on the list. We've had this family name picked out for the last 2 hoping for a boy. I really dislike that its on the list.

My oldest has a child in his class named "Princess". Yes, that is her legal name. I can't even begin to say anything.