Resolutions No. Goals? Yes!

Do resolutions work? I am not so sure. I see people making little promises to themselves, you know, the "I will go to the gym at least three days a week", ones. Just me? This year I am taking resolutions to a whole new level and actually doing goal setting.

What's the difference?

Goals have been proven to separate the men from the boys. Study after study has shown people who set goals are more successful in achieving their dreams. Resolutions are like wishes. They are nice to have a dream about, but goals take action. Goals are specific. Goals work!

This year I made several categories of goals. Home, finance, business, kids, family, and hubby! For each category I have goals for the year and then sub divided for steps I need to take to achieve them. Also I made some easy to do so I can feel that sense of accomplishment!

What are your goals for the year? How will you make it happen? I am so excited about 2011!!! New year and new possibility!!


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I agree, I don't make resolutions either, they never work. But, I do have goals and I'm getting ready to post them today! That was next on my list after posting my 2011 book list!

suburban prep said...

I don't really do the resolution thin either.
I just will try to follow through on something for a day. Then it will be two days. So it is little goals. Resolutions you do not quite get satisfaction from because they are hard to keep. But daily goals is easier to attain.

Suburban Princess said...

I use the Tony Robbins way of writing is really very effective!

Mrs. Mix-it said...

I to have written my goals down plus I make a story board envisioning where I want to be once that happens I change that story and move on to the next. If you portray where you want to be it will happen for you. If you are wishy washy then you will have a wishy washy life. Stick to it and what you want will happen!

bevy said...

Did you see my last post? It's all about my ATTAINABLE goals... Key word: attainable, girlfriend!

Clare said...

i love the steps to accomplish your goals!! i am trying to make my goals more reachable this year too!

Ensley said...

I completely agree. Goals also set you up for success. I feel like "being healthier" is a goal, whereas "lose 20 lbs." is a resolution. If your goal is to lose a certain number, are you going to feel like a failure if you only lose 19 lbs? This is why you are absolutely right that resolutions are wishes, but goals require action.

Some of my goals are to:
-Make love a priority (I tend to put it on the backburner)
-Lower the amount of animal products I eat
-Make one new healthy recipe a week
-Try to make a "date" with a different friend once a week

Thanks for a great post!