Tear Your Cover Off!

Last Sunday preacher made mention of his son Jas. Jas was born with something called Fragile X, a form of autism and he also has mental retardation. He said that Jas tears every cover off of every paperback book they have in the house. It's like an interior designer came in and said: "you know what would be cool? Let's tear off all the covers of your books!"

The irony was not lost on his preacher father. Here's is a kid who can't help but be himself, who doesn't care what people think, reminding us all to tear off your cover. This is the meaning of the old adage "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but let's go further. The cover doesn't matter, what you are hiding behind, or trying to put on, is not real.

This Sunday be like Jas and tear your cover off. Come on. Be yourself! Besides, putting on a personality for other people is exhausting!


Kate said...

Love this!! What a great story!

Suburban Princess said...

One of the points in my advice book is 'Be who you want to be' :O) I bet the bookshelves look great with no covers!

bevy said...

What an interesting illustration! Love it!