10/10/10 Party!

I have heard a lot of people get married or have parties on these types of repetitive dates but this was my first event! My girlfriend Laine had a 10/10/10 birthday party!

She decided to have a fabulous lunch and private tour for her girlfriends at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art!).  Such a lovely idea and it was great seeing a bunch of women looking gorgeous, and enjoying such a cultured experience! Without kids I might add!

First we had a private tour of the new Resnick pavilion. Lynda and Stewart Resnick donated $45 million to do the project and then $10 million worth of art to fill it!

The building is a single story 45,000 sq foot structure, the largest open plan, naturally lit museum space in the world. There were three exhibitions going on but the one I had to take pictures of was "Fashioning Fashion-European Dress in Detail 1700-1915".

Everything was so inspiring!! Look at that! A preppy back in the 1800's!

How about these guys?

A fabulous and fun day!! Happy Birthday Laine!


suburban prep said...

Oh how wonderful!!
Great place to have it.

Kate said...

That sounds like an amazing party! I'm so jealous you had the museum to yourself!

Mrs. Mix-it said...

Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

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