Juggling Motherhood- Are we really getting anything?

I am reading the most fascinating book. Marcus Buckingham's Find Your Strongest Life. I am literally only on the first chapter, but the introduction already blew my mind.

He said he has been studying women and he found that we are no happier than we were twenty years ago. That in order to be successful today as a woman you must be a "virtuoso juggler", moving fast to keep all aspects of life going. "To keep every object in the air, you have to get rid of each one as quickly as possible, barely allowing it to register on your fingertips before you toss it away..."

Wow. How can you connect? How can you feel your life is meaningful while you are juggling?

I have prided myself in being  juggler, but somehow I still felt unfulfilled and unhappy. I started realizing the key was to be selective and intentional. Some days are busy and there's nothing you can do but hold on. Even on those days I try to connect with my kids in key moments. Give them my full attention whether it's on a car ride, a playground, or at the dinner table. I am also taking things off the calendar now and being more choosy. This is making all the difference.

This book is amazing. Really making me think. I can't wait to get past the first chapter! What about you? Are you juggling? Feeling disconnected?


PaperCourt said...

I juggle way too much. Luckily, a position I have been holding for 3 years is done in January. I can't wait to take that load off my shoulders.

Kayris said...

I disagree that you *have* to juggle to be successful. I think what makes a person truly happy and successful comes from inside. I don't define myself, or my happiness, or my success, based on what other people's definitions of those things.

icing on the cake said...

I like your idea of really focusing on what makes you happy. Lots of things are worth the time and effort to me because they make me happy. I've just started thinking about the things that I can streamline because they don't really add that much to my life, or because they are just too stressful. I'll definitely check that book out!

Debra said...

Lots of juggling going on here. I find that saying no helps. I don't say it enough but I am working on it. I just don't need to be involved in every little thing and am finding that it's okay not to be. I'll have to get that book - it sounds like a worthy read. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

This "juggling" is what has gotten me into a lot of trouble in my personal life. I feel completely unfulfilled and mostly sad. I brought all of this on myself by never saying no.

Beth Dunn said...

When I juggle the busyness can be a good thing, but I find happiness in more meaningful interactions.