One Fabulous Husband- He's With The Band! Supporting your mates passion!

There's something that happens when you get married. At first it's cute. You get comfortable around each other, let loose a thing you know you're wearing cotton undies and sweatpants.

For God Sakes Brit put on a bra...
No Bueno.

Thank God she is now engaged again and looking like this:


Remember when you were dating? Engaged? First married? Ooooh the diamond was sparkling and you were feeling sassy! That was before kids, bills, life....dragged you down!

One sure fire way to keep that spark alive is to make sure you cultivate and support each others passions. I mean that is what life is all about. Now you could be jealous of a passion, because that passion of your husbands could take him out of the house and leave you home with the kids! I know ladies, it's tough. Trust me though, in the end, this makes a better marriage.

Case and point:

One Fabulous Husband is a drummer. A good one. Now there was a time, not so long ago, where we were in a financial tailspin and Fab Hubby wanted to SELL those drums. I said "hell to the no". I knew he needed them one day. That day has come.

Husband has been playing with a band around town. Let me tell you not only is he good, it's HOT! Look at him back there. He is so cute!

What a blast to see everyone dancing and having the best time while One Fab Hubby was on the drums. Made both of us feel good. Keeping the spark alive! I am all for the drums. Or anything else that makes a man feel like I do when I've got a mani/pedi, a nice tan, and a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer dress on. It's good times I tell ya.

What's your husbands passion? Do you support it?


Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Husband's passion is tennis! He loves to play, a lot! And I am ok with it. It helps him get his aggressions out which then makes for a great atmosphere in our home! :)

Lin said...

First I have to say, Brit really hit rock bottom in those first photos. Yikes.

Secondly, it's so awesome that your husband is in a band. Very cool! I'm sure you have a blast going out & watching him play. I can only imagine it's a lot like dating, checking out the hot drummer, except you know for a fact you're going home with him haha.

My husbands a gamer & sadly, yes, I support it :/

Jen said...

I agree; we all need our passions and it is fun and exciting to see your husband come alive in their 'thing.'

Debra said...

That's really neat! Glad you are both enjoying it. My husband's passion is hockey and it is my life as well this time of year! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Britney!! You are so right with your post - my husband's passion is food and coooking, and I definitely support him by eating it.

THE mom said...

Brit with no bra...haven't seen that pic in awhile lol!
Hubs' passion is rugby. I'm glad he's a superstar! Cuz if he sucked I wouldn't go to any games lol. I love when he makes big plays and scores because everyone turns to look at me :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks BBB!

The Mr.