Psychic Fortune Cookies- The greatest dinner conversation starter!

I had heard about Kimberly Berg through a friend of mine. She had told me that she did Psychic Fortune Cookies. Not just fortune cookies like you get from your Chinese food delivery order, but real psychic readings in your own fortune cookie!

Since we were set to go away with friends for Hubby's birthday, I thought it would be a great surprise for hubby and our guests. Boy was it!!! Most of the fortunes were pretty spot on, leaving even a few skeptics to be slightly convinced...Mine was amazing. She had never met me but had figured out what was going on with me. Gave me some great advice which I took!!! It made for great conversation about what was going on in out lives, who we were and where we were headed!

I ordered them for my family for Christmas and it was a huge hit at our Christmas dinner.
Here's how it works: 

Go here:

Give your first and last name. You pay for the cookies and she ships them. You can do it for anyone. Would be so cute for a Chinese themed dinner! After all it's the year of the Dragon!


eas said...

I always think of RHOBH when fortune tellers come up. Very cool idea. Thanks!

Jen said...

Great idea, but a little expensive...