Don't Judge Me. I Bought A Bounce House!

I know what you're thinking.

One Fabulous Mom? What are you running a day care?

Who do you think you are Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives Of New Jersey? With a bounce house inside her house "on display, on display, on display...."

Trust me when I tell you this is the best money I have EVER SPENT.

Landon's playdates are now filled with kids laughing, sliding, jumping and having a ball. They are worn out at the end of the day and beg for me to blow it up starting at 6 am.

Now this is not a huge bouncey. It's for young kids and can only hold 3 or 4, but let me tell you:

1) It's a snap to set up and blow up, takes seconds.
2) Entertains the kids for hours
3) It's fun!

So don't judge me.

Get one here.


Hillcrest Acres said...

How wonderful!!! My kids always loved them when we rented them for their birthday parties. After one summer birthday party, we changed things up a bit and we a big water slide. They had so much fun, we bought one. We used it quite a bit until last summer when my husband was moving it and caught it on the fireplace. That put a huge rip in it and that was the end of that.


Melissa said...

No judgement from me! I'd totally get one of those for my kid(s)


No judgement here. I have 2! One like yours and a water slide that my kids. I justified that by the time I rent it twice I could buy it!!! LOL. KJ

Nantucket Daffodil said...

You are too funny. Hey, if it keeps them busy, and doesn't encourage broken bones or teeth, I am ALL for it! Has mom tried it yet? Dad?

Suburban Princess said...

Hmmmm I might have to look into this for the summer! I know my son would love it! He could slide from the bounce house right into the pool!

Ashley said...

Im a new follower to your blog and lemme just say.... Its FABULOUS! You are so funny! And I am totally with you on getting that bounce house. i am looking at getting one myself ;)

Claire said...

Totally support you with this!!! When I was in DC in Oct. visiting my daughter she took me to a friend's home and in their finished basement was one of these - it filled the whole room but was perfect and kept the kids occupied!!! I wish I had had one when my 4 daughters were little!

Kate said...

No judgment at all! My work family just got a small bounce house climbing wall thing (from the grandparents) and it is PERFECT for when the older cousins come over to play. H is still a little young for it but the older kids love it!

Just Ask Beth said...

Judge you? I applaud you!!

Olivia said...

YOU are hilarious! No judgement here! I think you're brilliant! PS Saw Gail D last week and we loved chatting about you! Come visit us!!!!