A Perfect Day

I remember what my "perfect day" used to consist of.

Usually it would be a day in the week, when I had not much going on. I would lunch with the girls, shop, get my nails done, do some writing, and then maybe a great dinner out. That would be a perfect day. That still sounds pretty good...but funny how things shift.

I have my share of stress. There are many days when I am grinding my teeth at the thought of another day, or up all night worrying about something. I sometimes dream that my perfect day is back in Santorini with The Mr having lunch looking out over the ocean....but then back to the stress.

Last week, however, was a different story. Landon has been star of the week at school, and yesterday his Dad was his special guest. Since Landon loves the drums, Daddy brought his HUGE drum set.

Coco and I watched as the kids got a chance to play and Daddy told them all about how the drums worked. Landon was smiling, I was smiling, and Coco was full of joy as usual!

Then I went to drop Coco off at her class and she was already dressing up in animal costumes with her friends and laughing. I got in my car, and headed back to the house. I did two conference calls for work, cleaned my house, and came back to pick the kids up at noon.

We took a bunch of kids and their friends to CPK for lunch and riding the carousel there. It was the usual mahem, but the kids were having a blast and the moms are my good friends.

Back to the house for Landon's physical therapy with Tracy whom he LOVES. They laughed and played, I worked a little more. Coco did her puzzles. Then I realized I left my favorite sweater at the carousel. I called around to find it but nothing. Oh well....

Onto Landons first tennis lesson. He loved every second. He had a half hour lesson and wanted more. The head coach let him stay and play with the older kids. He kept hitting every shot over the net. Everyone was amazed. I called The Mr and had him come over to see. We stood there beaming with pride.

Landon rode home with his Dad, I got in my car to meet them there. As I started the car I thought: "This is my perfect day!" No stress, kids are healthy and happy, work is going well, 80 degree weather at the cute tennis courts in my neighborhood, and my son, even with one arm that doesn't work as well as the other, has a natural ability for tennis. I thanked God. I had to acknowledge when everything is going RIGHT. I had been caught in the groove of stress and worry and had to remind myself this is nowhere to hang out! This was a perfect day. I was enjoying every second.

That night I went back to the same area for dinner with The Mr. As he parked the car I was still reveling in my perfect day. Then I remembered my sweater. I was a little sad about it being gone, but I was not going to let it ruin my perfect day! I asked the parking attendant if he had seen it. He went into his office and came out with it. I squealed and hugged him. He was smiling too.

I felt lucky. I felt blessed. I felt grateful.

There may be more stressful days, but I am learning that the "perfect" ones are closer than you think.


LPC said...

Aw, lovely post. It is the best path to happiness, to seize the little moments when all goes well and look them in the face, and feel your heart expand with warmth. I wish you and your husband and your babies many more days like this.

Olivia said...

You said it!

"Cookie" said...

Perfection is in the way you see you. I'm like you in that what used to be perfect is different these days. No less perfect but still perfect all the same! Each day is a GOOD day... some have a little more stress than others do but it's just one day and then it's over. :)

Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like a perfect day! So proud of L for being a tennis star

Meg said...

That is a really nice day. So good when we recognize and truly appreciate things going smoothly and enjoying the moment. Bravo not letting the sweater bring you down. I too am swelling with happiness that it was returned. The kindness of strings, random acs of kinds etc.

Jen said...

That does sound like a pretty perfect day!

Suburban Princess said...

Yay for a perfect day and contentment!

kenady said...

Love this post and will try to remember to be on the look out for my perfect days:) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

and the weekend wasn't bad either.

-The Mr.

P.S. No mention of Thomas? :)

CeCe said...

Blessings are around every corner. It's wonderful that you were able to share so much joy and wonder with the little ones. These are the days you remember and relish all the rest of your life.

Sneska said...

I would like to know where in Santorini you were? In one blog, I found you wrote for one beautiful picture (bed with ocean view)that you were there for your honeymoon :) That place is wonderful.

Sneska said...

I would like to ask you: in which hotel in Santorini you stayed? I found your comment for one great photo of the bed with ocean view, and you said you were there for your honeymoon. That place is more then wonderful.
Thank you.