Back To The Gym- Dance With Me!

I went back to the gym yesterday, this was no small feat considering it had been MONTHS and MONTHS! There I was with two girlfriends ready to take my favorite class: Dance With Me. It's taught by these two sweethearts Billy Blanks Jr (Dad is Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame) and his wife Katherine. 
These two are so positive, uplifting, and sweet you ALMOST forget you're sweating. They teach an aerobic class featuring all styles of dance. Yesterday was Country, African Jazz, and Balinese among others! I think dancing and having fun is a wonderful way to burn calories. We are all in there smiling out heads off.

Here's a little of what we do:


I really think if you are going to exercise it should be fun. Or something you have a passion for. Otherwise why would you invest that time! You can buy their DVD's on amazon if you like what you see!

I've heard Zumba is great too, going to check that out as well. How about you? Are you back at the gym? What's your workout?


Jen said...

I love dancing too! Quit my gym, because it was too pricey and I just wasn't going (except to one awesome zumba hip hop class). Now I'm doing some short 20 minute workouts at home. Either jogging/running, or some intense 'boot camp' workouts. My focus right now is short, frequent conveinent workouts. I do love to hike, and kick around the soccer ball with the family when I have the time.

Jen said...

by the way, good for you for going!!!

Solar Powered said...

I totally agree that it has to be fun and with the right teacher working out can be a blast. Yay for you! I'm hoping to get back to the gym soon :)

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Sounds fun. Good to go with friends! I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, but I'm a pilates, cardio/muscle and toning class kind of girl. ;-) Love pilates the best!

kimberly berg said...

where do they teach this, I'd love to check it out! Not good with at home stuff, need the other people there to keep me motivated!