A Valentine For The Mom's

You cook, you clean, you keep the routine
You make sure the kids don't look a mess...
You no longer buy yourself clothes anymore
Unless you count that Target dress.

You make sure homework is done, the kids are having fun,
that your friends all know you care...
You no longer have time for a morning routine and are thinking of cutting off your hair.

Your a Mother for goodness sake, one honorable job
At least that's what everyone says...
You have no complaints, all you want
is five seconds to shave your other leg.

So this Valentines Day when you're up until dawn
making your kids class Valentines galore
Wait till the morning and call and schedule a Mommy pedicure!

That's an order!

Happy Valentines Day!


lizziefitz said...

Cute. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! <3

Alison said...

Very cute! Do pregnant "soon to be moms" count? I have a feeling that a pedicure is in my future...

Cookie Crums said...

Love it!! I've already decided I'm taking tomorrow off and having a "me' day! Cause dammit I deserve it. Mani/Pedi is already scheduled!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

did you mean moms (plural) vs. mom's
(possessive as in mom's car)?