Galco's- My Filed Trip To Fanatsy Island

I'd been hearing so much about Galco's, their amazing soda and beer collection, but when I heard they carried Charleston Chews and Sugar Daddies, I got in my car and drove out there.

I was greeted by the owner John Nese, a cutie pie who explained to me that his store was a real "Mom and Pop" shop!

John is the son of the grocery's founder, has transformed this market with a 53 year history in the neighborhood into a bastion for small, independent bottling plants around the country whose product has been pushed off the shelves of the 'chains' by the Coca-Cola and Pepsi empires.

There were once over 3,500 bottlers in the country. Now, just a handful remain, and thanks to Galco's, there is shelf life for their product ~ everything from Dad's, to Grape NEHI, Nesbitt's Orange to Route 66 Root Beer!

As I walked around the store my childhood flashed before my eyes seeing sodas I ad not seen in years. Out of the corner of my eye I spied something amazing. The original Dr. Pepper's. I mean with real sugar!!!

I was loving Margos Bark rootbeer

Which gives it's proceeds to shelter dogs.

The selection of beer was mind blowing. Beer from all over the world, in gorgeous bottles! They even had a huge bottled water collection. I kept thinking of all the baby showers, kids parties, and rehearsal dinners I wanted to plan!! (In my mind I am a party planner!)

You can have the same Fantasy Island experience if you go to Galcos. Even better, they ship anywhere! Just in time to buy my Hot Lips Sodas for Valentines day.

You can find Galcos on Twitter and Facebook and at the Galcos Website.


lizziefitz said...

Wow , A dentist's dream come true! HA!!! Thank you for the welcome comment on my new blog:)

Brie said...

We used to have a place like this when I was little - I can't even remember which state it was but I LOVED going there! I loved going to stores like this and if they sell bit o honeys I may buy a plane ticket to visit :)

Nicole said...

What a wonderful field trip!

I am woefully in need of a reorder from Galcos! I'm running dangerously low on orange crush, grape crush AND original Dr. Pepper!