Tips For Getting Your Kids Out The Door!

Now that I am working I find the morning routines around here to be a little....CHAOTIC! I think it's true for all Moms. The kids are dragging their feet, you are trying to get them ready and dressed to be on time for school. Did you ever notice the more you hurry them the slower they go?

I found a few tips on getting your kids out the door from Circle of Mom's! 

  1. Embrace PM Prep
    Countless Circle of Moms members recommend prepping each evening for the following morning. This entails everything from laying out clothes for your child (and even yourself!) to preparing lunches and breakfast, packing diaper bags and backpacks, and even putting certain things in the car. Maggie V., a mother of three, is one of many moms who use this strategy: "We try to get everything ready the night before: kids' clothes, lunch bags, and everything the kids will need the next day."

  2. Double-check Backpacks
    If you have a child in school, do a thorough backpack check in the evening to avoid missing homework and forgotten permission slips. As Southern Californian mom Jennifer L. advises, "Sign those school papers and de-clutter the backpack, go over anything she may need to bring with her the next day (i.e., special book/toy for sharing, etc.) and have it in the backpack already."

  3. Give Yourself a Head Start
    "I myself get up early," shared Sue C., a mother of two children. "I have to be able to get ready before they get up." Waking up just a half hour before your children can make your own morning prep more efficient and less stressful.

  4. Create a Child-Friendly Checklist
    Angela W. is one of multiple Circle of Moms members who suggests posting a morning checklist: "A list (words or pictures) of all that needs to be done before you leave could be posted in the kids' rooms so they can see what they need to do, instead of you having to repeat it 50 times."

  5. Play Getting-Ready Games
    Making morning tasks into a game can motivate children to get through their tasks more quickly. "I do the counting game once breakfast is over," shares Kristi S., a mother of three children. "She tries to hurry and be ready by the time I get to 50." Lynn R. also uses a racing game: "In the mornings we have "blast off to the front door," where we get ready as fast as we can. First one there gets a rocket sticker...My kids have never gotten ready so fast...I have found that if you can make any routine fun then kids are more likely to do it."
What works for you?


    lizziefitz said...

    Great Post! I am a firm believer in PM prep too. I never feel like doing it but I am ALWAYS happy I did. When I wake up it is as if some special fairies came during the night. I also suggest a glass of wine while your doing the pm prep;0

    Suburban Princess said...

    Pure and simple bribery. My son wants to go to McD's for apples? Get in the car and hurry it up. My son wants a smoothie at the mall? Pick up the pace.

    I also get everything ready the night before and sometimes even put it all in the car so I dont have to drag it out in the morning.

    I also find a container of cheerios/breakfast tv on and my little guy will snuggle in my bed while I do my makeup/hair etc.

    Cookie Crums said...

    I'm big, real big, on getting as much ready the night before. I'll even have the boys' cups in the fridge ready to hand out in the morning. I've also found that my oldest needs to be awake for just a little big before I try to start dressing or feeding him. He does NOT do well with the "hurry up!" and "we gotta go!" and the "come on." The more relaxed the pace is the better he moves along.

    And to help the mornings.... I wash my hair and curl it with hot rollers at night. Makes for big hair but when I wake up and run a brush through it.... ready to roll!

    Preppy 101 said...

    Yes, I remember those mornings! The PM prep is HUGE. It makes all the difference. That's pretty much my tip - worked for me. Then if something goes bonkers in the a.m., you still have a chance of keeping things smooth running. I never yelled at my children or fought with them in the a.m. Not a good way to start their day or mine . . . You have some great suggestions! xoxo