Last Time For Babas and Diapers

As Coco gets older I start to realize: this is my last baby.

Granted, this is my choice, I feel like with all I went through to have these kids, I cannot go through it again. I am a lotto winner. I have a girl and a boy... but there's this little part of me, who wants a HUGE family. Kids everywhere. Siblings galore. Is this really the last time I will be a mother?

I watch as Coco waddles around in her diaper. She now can say words like "play", and "thank you" and "Mickey Mouse". My little baby girl is turning into a big girl before my very eyes. Blink and I will miss it. So what's a mother to do?

I am documenting, photographing, videoing, making sure I capture this moment. I know this is not my moment to hold on to. It will pass though my hands and I will be taking her to college. For now though, I hold her in my arms, snuggle, smell her hair and try to keep her 23 months in my mind.

The fact is: This is my last time for Baba's and Diapers. Some people would say this is a good thing. When they are older you can do more with them, but I look at Landon, so tall...I just want to keep them babies.

How do you handle your kids getting older? Does it make you sad? Tell me!


Mom on the Run said...

The thing that you have to remember is that while they're growing, you're "growing", too. You change everyday, every experience you have makes you a little different than you were the day before. Mine are all "grown" and right now I get a little tug now and then because they really don't like me at all. I miss the feeling that they loved me....and now, not so much. Once you stop looking at yourself as a baby's mom and become a "kids' mom"....then suddenly you're a "teenagers' mom" and you're ready for it. It's like you can't see yourself as a 5th grader when you're in just get there eventually.

Or maybe I'm just not very sentimental ;-}

lizziefitz said...

I'll let you know when my last baby is out of diapers...HA! Come visit soon?:))

Preppy 101 said...

Oh yes! I would love to have kept them home forever, but not really - how sad to have adult children still living at home {know what I mean} - Really, I have loved every stage of their growing up into the awesome people they are today. And now son and dil are giving me a baby granddaughter!! You'll adjust as you go because there's always something new around the corner! xoxo

Beth Dunn said...

First of all that little dream does not snuggle, at least not with me!
Yes, I realized it later--Wyn was 4 when I came to terms that "baby" was over for me. I go back and forth between relief and sadness. I'm thinking that may last until I have grandchildren LOL


Debra said...

Sometimes I feel sad that my daughter is getting older but then I think that it's the way it's supposed to be - she's healthy, growing and learning. I feel quite sad that we only decided to have one child. I would have liked to have had a few more but for lots of reasons we decided one was it. Something I regret but what's done is done - no more babies for me at 46!! :)

Brie said...

I feel happy and sad about all in one. I definitely miss the snuggly days and was able to steal one with my C today on the couch. I had a million things to do and I let it all go to watch Ms. Spider with her and cuddle. On the other hand, watching your children grow into big people brings all kinds of proud moments too. I will tell you this, it goes quick and there's not a thing we can do but enjoy it. Just signed my oldest up for high school... can't believe it! Coco is so darn cute... love her ruffles!

Cait said...

just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you write!

Corinne said...

there you go again! confusing plural and possessive! sometimes it's just painful slogging through your grammatical errors!

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling this lately. We keep trying to decide whether to have #3. Logically, we are done but having trouble letting go and realizing that the baby phase may be over. There's nothing like that baby smell and the pure love the give you. The only reassurance for me is that I love every moment with them so there's lots of looking forward to do. Just starting to realize that the part where I protect them from all bad things is winding down.