Palm Beach- Dinner With College Besties and a House Tour!

The Mr. and I were lucky enough to get to spend time with besties Rye and SHP and their mates for dinner the other night. We had the grandparents babysit and we ran for the door! Imagine my surprise when I saw Rye's condo. I thought HGTV had designed it! UNBELIEVABLE.

She had me at hello with the entry way. A tear literally shot out of my eye when I saw the gorgeousness. Rye is a big fan of the high low decorating, mixing expensive worth while pieces she finds at consignment stores and had refinished. I saw several things she had done and could not tell which was which!

I'm sleeping here next time.

 Loved the kitchen, and busy cooking the best meal ever was SHP. 

Food was so good Rye's Mom had to come and try!

The table was set so beautifully! And at each persons place was a question.  What a great idea! Great conversation starter!

A fabulous time all around!


Karen said...

Wow, your friend's home is beautiful! Hope you're having a wonderful trip, Happy Thanksgiving!


Lin said...

Wow...just wow. I love it!

Brie said...

Gorgeous!! Looks like you had fun!

Jen said...

Pretty! Love the colors. Also love the conversation topic idea.

bevy said...

Cute, cute, cute picture of you and Mr.!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!