Ask The Mrs- Sports Anyone?

Dear Mrs,

I require that my daughter (15) takes a sport each semester. I want to make sure she is getting enough exercise. She wants to do a play this year at school, so the only sport that would fit in her schedule would be soccer. She doesn't really like soccer but will do it if I make her. What she really loves is dance! She loves her dance class but it is outside of school and expensive. She would love to take more dance classes as her exercise, but the expense is making it hard. I would rather her take a sport at school. What do I do?! Am I being mean by making her take soccer and not letting her dance more?

Mean Mommie

Dear Mean Mommie,

You are hardly mean. I think you are brilliant for requiring that she take a sport. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country. That being said there is something for kids finding a sport of form of exercise they love. Give her the choice. If she wants to do another dance class or two instead of sports at school,  have her work around the house to earn the money. Then you'll know how serious she is. She may feel it's not worth it and choose soccer. Either way it's her choice and she has to earn it.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

take it from a person who was "strongly encouraged" by her parents to play soccer, i don't regret one minute of it! i was never very good, but the exercise and strength that i built during that experience had long term effects! i love dance too....maybe there's a way she can do some dance lessons on the side from a college student or something....for less money? xoxo

S said...

My daughter is into dance and it is an expensive hobby! But I have found that studios vary greatly in their pricing. Some studios have competitive teams and charge much more. Others cater to the recreational dancer and have more reasonable prices. Even cheaper still is a rec center dance class - or perhaps she would like something like Zumba that combines a good workout with fun latin dance moves. good luck!

bevy said...

Thank goodness I have boys! Overall, sports are cheaper!

Brie said...

I'm a BIG believer in mandatory extra curricular activities be it sports or other b/c I like productive way to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. The older you get, the more impt this becomes. I "stongly encourage" for all 4 - for 3 it's very easy and they love it, for one - not as much. I'm hoping she'll eventually find her passion. It can ADD UP - esp things like dance, horseback riding and music. So in order for me to sacrafice and fork it over (and it's usually not an all year deal anyway) I better see some major dedication!

Cookie Crums said...

One plus to having 2 boys.... the odds of them wanting to take dance is slim. :)

I think making a child play a sport is a bit extreme..... BUT, I strongly believe in parents raising their children as THEY see fit (of course I'm not talking abuse or anything like that!). To each his own. My the age of 15 though I would think there could be some kind of compromise..... I'm not condoning sitting around doing nothing though!