Being Teresa Guidice A Skinny Italian- Chicken Feast!

Once again Teresa hit's it out of the park with her Skinny Italian cookbook. After my success with the Sexy Swordfish, I moved on to the One Pan Oven Roasted Chicken Feast. First of all one dish meals are my absolute favorite and this was one of the lightest and most flavorful. Talk about Skinny Italian!

I served it with a "Vinnie's Salad", which I love to make. Iceberg, blue cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion with an Italian vinaigrette dressing. Yummy! (my own recipe not Teresa's.

I am so impressed with this book. I even feel my Jersey accent getting better after practicing as I cook. I imagine I am home with juicy Joe and the kids wearing my leopard leggings and talking about what an idiot Danielle is. Heaven. Can't wait to make the rest of the recipes. The Mr is impressed that I am enjoying cooking!

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Karen said...

Yum, that looks so good!!


Preppy Mama said...

Wow that looks yummy!

Kristin said...

You should be her rep! You totally just sold me on that cookbook!

Quay Po Cooks said...

That looks delicous! Next time I am at the bookshop, I must check out that cookbook.