Real Houswives of NY- Part 2! Where's the party?

As the next episode begins Ramona is spending time with Bethany and her man Jason. Ramona retells the "contess-less" story. Bethany counters with LuAnn "lost her husband and grew a penis" line, classic. Notice that Mario (low blow Mario) looks like a Vegas black jack dealer/ pimp. Ramona dances on the tables like a hooker. They are a perfect match.

LuAnn has her old nanny/ housekeeper over for a very awkward "I miss you cooking for me" moment. But that's okay she has a "new girl", it's "double the work" she says, teaching her. I'm not sure if Rosie got a word in, but LuAnn says they confide n each other. Ahhhh countess. You are so clueless.

At dinner with Simon and Alex, Mario realizes he and Simon are dressed as twins. What is Ramona doing making the rounds? Is she the mayor of the housewives? Because she ain't no "Cameron Diaz!!!" WTF! Mario makes a phone call to LuAnn and leaves a message with an olive branch.

Jill, staying at LuAnns house, calls Ramona on speaker phone (ultimate mean girl trick), and LuAnn hears what Ramona really thinks of her. Wow. Did countess really have boyfriends while married? You know the count had his ladies! LuAnn then recounts the Bethany story and let me say, like in a crazy game of telephone, got the whole conversation wrong. Love women and their friendships don't you? They decide to have their own labor day

Meanwhile, Bethany, looking so sexy with cute Jason, decide to live together. She starts bawling at the prospect of having it all, something she had told herself would never happen. I am loving Bethany this season.

So Ramona has her party, Alex and Simon go (they are trying to be so politically correct it's barfy), and Bethany and Jason. Low and behold Alex and Simon were invited to both parties. Ramona is pissed!

Kelly, who I could care less about and wish would leave the show, comes to LuAnns and has something to tell everyone. Back in jail? Losing your kids to childrens services for being a bad mother? No! Posing for Playboy! Classic. I loved watching them act like it was an honor. So uncomfortable and the way she told them was WEIRD.

So there you have it. Soon we will see Bethany and Jill have it out, I am secretly hoping they patch it up but I think there's no way. Also starting to think this is a big waste of time but dammit get sucked in every time!


Suburban Princess said...

I could relate to the Countess saying how much work it is lol I put off hiring a 'new girl' for a few months because I didnt have it in me to train them!

I cant wait to see this huge blowup between JZ and BF!

Brie said...

Kelly is such a weirdo - I love how the playboy announcement could NOT wait until lunch. She is an ego maniac.... or maybe just a plain old maniac ;)

Hillcrest Acres said...

Your summary was very well said. I'm like you, I'm getting sucked in. The housewives give me some good laughs cuz they are so over the top on some things.

I always liked Bethany and this season so far, I'm liking her even more. The meeting for drinks with LuAnn had my mouth dropping. Bethany went out of her way to meet her and then to get slammed by LuAnn was "classless". I couldn't believe the things LuAnn was saying to her.

I give Ramona credit for going out on a limb and trying to be friendly with the ladies. She goes a little crazy over some things.

I thought Jill was totally being a "MEAN GIRL" when she called Ramona and let LuAnn listen in.

Kelly needs to leave the show. I don't like her at all.

Preppy 101 said...

So glad you're sharing this info cause I'm not watching this season. Crazy times. xoxo

bevy said...

Love reading this! I didn't get a chance to watch... but you have completely caught me up! xox