Real Houswives of NY- Get a hobby! Part 1!

Good to have the ladies back isn't it? But hold it. No one is friends anymore! And everyone is mmmmmeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaannnn! What should we do with them? Trap them on a boat together!

The episode begins with Ramona hosting everyone but Kelly and Bethenny on her rented Yacht (somehow rent and yacht don't belong in the same sentence but whatever). I love that she showed off her new haircut and brags that she gained five pounds! HA! (Note to self use this to confuse friends and enemies). Either way retire the bikini Ramona. Too much! (Actually all those women on the boat were too old for bikinis!)

Jill says Ramona is cheap because she won't give out free jewelry. It's fun to talk about someone behind their back after they've invited you on their boat!

The Countess, ever since she has become Miss Manners, seems to have lost all of hers. Bringing up how she can't go to Ramona's house because Mario was mean to her saying she was now "countless" rather than the countess, ("low blow" Mario will be his new name) could have been saved for another time. Ramonas reaction was just as insane. All she had to say was, that was mean. I'll talk to him. Instead she went insane. Crying and freaking out. Hello, there's no where to go on the boat! You're stuck!

Then the countess attacks Bethenny the moment she walks into the bar to meet her. She didn't even notice half the things that Bethenny was talking about. Makes fun of her skinny girl car, asks if she's paying for drinks, and is just awful.

Kelly doesn't fool me at all. She's acting humbly, and is acting like she cares about people...come on. No idea what her angle is. Staying on the show? Either way she beat up her boyfriend so we know what kinda girl she is! It rhymes with flashy.

Jill has become the meanest one of all which is sad cause I used to like her! So critical and nasty! Gangs up on everyone and expects everyone to do things her way. She's the ultimate nag which may be why Bethanny told her to "get a hobby".

Bethanny is doing very well. Hot fiance, hot career, hot body! Trifecta! I like her fiance. Seems sweet!

What do we have to looks forward to this season?

The countess sings (gag), Bethenny is knocked up, and we find out just what caused the riff between Bethanny and Jill. Best of all Ramona and her crazy eyes walk in a fashion show and Jill Zarin skates. Fabulous.


sevenalstons said...

Oh my goodness... I don't normally admit to watching such trash, but after your recap I must "out" myself. CAN YOU BELIEVE how awful everyone was? Ramona scares me, the countess annoys me, and Jill needs to get over herself. I can't wait to watch more!

Melissa said...

Ramona is absolutely nuts! I really don't like her! You are spot on about Luann and Jill. It makes me sad that Jill and Bethenny aren't friends right now, but Jill seems like she can be overbearing and pissy if you don't do things her way! I love Bethenny and her fiance seems like such a nice guy!

I already have secondhand embarrassment from the clip of Luann singing. That will be an interesting episode. I kind of hate how all the women on all the different RH shows are doing the same stuff! Many of them have written books and now they're making music!

Beth Dunn said...

I'm with you, I won't be watching this anymore. It is contrived-it is as if they were told to fight and be rude. I used to love Jill and the entire show. Sadly Alex is the only non SC left. xoxo

Jillian, Inc said...

What is the deal with all these women getting offended with another WIFE over what her HUSBAND said? The same thing was the hot topic at the OC Wives Reunion. I would never expect anyone except the offending person to apologize. I guess one never knows how much drama is just written in for the show's sake, but it's a bit disheartening to have so much "side taking" so early on. And I never really minded Alex...I've always thought she was at least forthright and not as snarky as the others. Seems to be she's the neutral party so far.


You are hysterical. I have to watch this when my husband isn't around. Its so bad, its good!!! Love it!!

Clare said...

totally missed the show, but going to try to catch up this week;)

Stereos and Souffles said...

Bethenny is my fav. It feels like this is becoming a bit scripted with all the fighting and trash talk. The show seems like it's lacking a natural flow like it had before. Or maybe I just need to get a hobby! LOL

The 5 Bickies said...

We need a behind the scenes of the Real Housewives shows so we can see how much is contrived, I certainly don't live my life with this much drama and it's hard to imagine that they do in real life.

Do you have any connections at BRAVO? write an awesome re-cap!