Sanity Break- Mom's Night Out!

I have devised a way to stay in touch with all my girlfriends and have a night out! I did an invite on . I like invitations by mail but this is a different deal. The Evite goes out once every two months to all my mommy girlfriends; I saved the template to make it easier. We go out to a new fun and fabulous restaurant each time. I even call ahead once I know the total number and they do a price fixed meal and a personalized menu! It makes the mom's feel so special and we have a blast. Sometimes there are 12 of us, sometimes there are 6, either way it really is a much needed break and way to dress up and feel girlie. A lot of mom's won't give themselves a date night with their hubby's let alone a girls night out. With me arranging it they feel no guilt at all! I call our group the HOT MAMAS. Here we are on one of our nights out!


Happy Homemaker said...

Thanks for the comment! So happy to have found your blog! Funny note: the other blog you have listed 'Preppy Napkin' is my real-life close friend!!

And mom's nights out are a MUST!! Good for you!

Preppy Napkin said...

What a great group of friends. I want to come next time!

Lori said...

How fun, that's so terrific that you do so much ahead of time to make it special and help more to get there!!
I wanna come!!! :)