Fabulous Holidays- Halloween

Last year Landon was a just a babe but that didn't stop us from having a great Halloween. We went to a couple of houses with "The Chicken",

but then we had a dinner party for close friends. It was fun greeting kids at the door but also getting to have a nice dinner! The Mr. made Coq Au Vin. Delicious! This is a great idea if you have a little baby because after trick or treating they'll be asleep!
This year Landon will be moving from the barnyard to the sea. I think Babystyle.com is the best for costumes. This Octopus was too much to resist. They have one in Pink for girls too! This year we'll have another dinner because Landon's Godmother and my best friend, is coming to town again. Halloween is her Christmas and she is the Queen of Style. I'll let you know what we cook up!


magnolia mama said...

I just sold two babystyle sharks on ebay. They make GREAT costumes. And the resale is pretty good too. My boys are going to be a "good" knight and a dragon.

Happy Homemaker said...

So cute! I'm not a huge Halloween fan (too excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas) so you'll have to get me motivated!!