Whose Homework Is It Anyway?

Landon's in first grade and has a fair amount of homework, not a ton but enough to make me nuts.

The thing about this homework is it needs major supervision, needs to be checked and rechecked and worst of all you have to use FORCE to get them to do it. ALREADY. Can you imagine? First grade homework should be easy, breezy and fun. Instead Landon is acting like I am making him study for his SAT's.

I am wondering where this will all lead. Especially since there were a few incidents I could not make out a few animals on his spelling sheet. Is that a FOX?

I'm sure next year I will need a tutor to tutor me on how to help with his homework. Have I mentioned: I cannot do math, don't know my left from right, and am the worst at geography??

So my question is who's homework is it anyway? Don't kid yourself. It's yours. PS I can't wait for Summer.


Monograms Mud said...

This whole post just made me die laughing. 😂😂😂 I feel ur homework pain.

Ken said...

I like your post. But I'm going to ask you to change the title from "Whose homework is it anyway" to "Whose home is it anyway." Have you ever stopped to think about where the authority came from to give your child this homework. I understand you send your child to school and plan to support the school, but how did it come to pass that your natural inclination to expect your child to do what he or she was asked to do at home became a requirement over which you cannot use your judgment? It is your home. I've been discussing this for a long time. Check out my blog: http://homeworktrap.blogspot.com.

JR Mazur said...

Love your thinking! As a teacher, you have to be realistic with what you expect kids to do on their own. With the new Common Core curriculum, homework has become more of a headache and has without a doubt turned students off of school. Just stick with it and with him, and perhaps the more important thing is the time you're spending together to work through the task!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

And what's crazy is how they don't "do" math the way we learned to do math! If you show them your way, the teacher will call you out on it. You have been warned. lol

Expressing Motherhood said...

I am right there with you.

My oldest is only in 1st grade!

Driving me nuts as well. Makes for a frantic household, extra tears, it's ridiculous.