How To Stop Texting And Driving

I struggle with this. I am trying to be good about staying off my phone while driving. I even think texting at a red light is NOT GOOD.

I saw this and thought BRILLIANT.

The Red Thumb Reminder could really save lives. Here's how it works.

Remember the whole tie a sting around your finger to remind you of something? Instead you paint one thumb nail RED.

That one thumb nail will be a reminder not to text and drive. Or talk on the phone and drive!

Still not convinced?

How about this:


suburban prep said...

There are just so many accidents with the texting. I do not text--don't know how--I know behind the times.

JR Mazur said...

Love the idea! Totally passing that idea onto my high school students!

Kate said...

it's so hard to resist when the phone is there. i now turn mine off and throw it into my purse. I have no willpower otherwise.

Kate said...

This is the one thing I am really good about. I never text/email/use my phone and drive. If I have to check my phone I will pull over on a side street and put the car in park (this is only when I am running late and want to text someone or need to look up directions. Normally I just wait to look at my phone when I get to my destination). I think it helps that I keep my phone in my zipped bag.

It is very tempting in LA traffic to just check my phone when I'm sitting forever at a light but I have been good about resisting!