Five On Friday Halloween Recap- Candy, Casts and a Cake from Bite Sized Chef!

This is the Friday Five Halloween Edition! Make sure you link up with a.Liz, Carolina Charm, hello! Happiness and the good life!

1) It was a great night despite having to get a cast THAT DAY and RACING back to HOST a PARTY! Can you feel my EMPHASIS!?

The kids loved their Mummy Pizzas and Mac n Cheese.

2) Loving the new fire pit my husband built! The men sure loved it!

The women drank wine...

3) The menu I planned went off smashingly! Try White Chicken Chili and Frito Pie ! The KIDS however WERE READY!

Super Man Landon was loving all the loot.

And 4) Coco was just happy to be able to make Halloween!

5) We were glad to come back! Everyone was excited for the cake from Bite Sized Chef!


Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

that firepit looks AMAZING! and the furniture around it!!! love the halloween pics as well!

happy friday! xx

linda said...

Your kids are getting so big! Love your Halloween parties- so creative- and that cake is gorgeous!

Whitney @ Work it Mommy said...

Can your husband come over and build me a firepit?! It looks great! I will have to check out Jesus the apple tree, thanks for the recommendation :)