Feeling Fallish at Underwood Farms! (even though it's 80 degrees)

One thing I will say about Los Angeles, we just press on with fall despite it being 80 degrees! We try to "dress" for Fall to feel the part. We trek out to Underwood Farms because it's simply the best!

I love this picture. She really loved this tractor! Does she belong on a farm?

I love the "cow train" and I love the view.

These were too good to believe....

As were the pig races! (who's head is that!)

A great fun family time!!! How's your Fall going?


JR Mazur said...

your kids are so cute! hope all is well!

Nikki said...

How fun! I'm in Southern Cali too and, holy cow last week was hot! I haven't visited our local pumpkin farm since before Halloween but I know it's still open. Probably a lot less crowded now too!

Courtney said...

What a fun place. Even here in Ohio, we had warmer weather for one of our first pumpkin patch visits.