And how was YOUR Halloween?

Well we almost had an awful Halloween, but that's not really our style. Nothing gets us down. Not even this!

I mean have you EVER seen anyone more excited about a broken elbow on Halloween? I have not.

We still soldiered on and trick or treated and rid the neighbors of their candy stash. It was a good time.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson and their Cherry Childrens Tylenol for making this moment possible!


DawnW said...

My son was the same way when he got his first (and so far, only) cast! He was thrilled with it and it gave him almost celebrity status at school so the good times just kept on rolling!

How did she break her elbow though? That sounds pretty painful!!!

KatiePerk said...

Oh no! At least she is rocking the pink cast!!

Suburban prep said...

Pink does a little girl good.

My sister's little girl (2 yrs old) broke her arm the other day. This little girl was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome but that doesn't stop her. She was tumbling (gymnastics) when she broke her arm. The doctors down at the hospital asked her what color the cat should be and she said PINK. We had a family dinner and she was toting the arm around like it was a bade of honor.

I hope that your daughter gets well soon and that she can make the cast very LILLY.

Unknown said...

Poor sweetheart. Glad she was still able to trick or treat.

JR Mazur said...

awe poor girl! hope you had a fun Halloween!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh NO! I am so glad it did not ruin your Halloween. How did she do it?

linda said...

Oh no!!!! So glad it didn't ruin the fun. Your family is just adorable.
( fyi- I bought 3 of those target denim leggings! I would never had even considered them let alone tried them on, so thank you for the tip!)