Party Idea- Mexican Party Theme- Tequila Fabuloso!

I will find ANY REASON to have a party! Like when my friend won a $1200 bottle of Asombroso tequila at The Junior League's Casino Angeleno, we just HAD to have a party! So of course I called it:

Tequila Fabuloso!

We could not wait to try to dress in our fabulous theme.

Holly and Kevin brought the Asombroso Tequila they won!

But before we tried this million dollar tequila we needed food! That's where Manouschka of Single Serving came in!

Amazing chef!!! We had stuffed Jalapenos, ceviche, shrimp quesadillas, beef empanadas and more!!

This was a fun group let me tell you!!!

And then the toast and we tried the Asombroso!

And we loved it!! It really tasted amazing. Hints of hazelnut. Unexpected and fabulous!

A gorgeous time with gorgeous husband.

But let's not forgot churros, and avocado ice cream for dessert!!!


KatiePerk said...

WHOA! That looks amazing. How was that tequila? You guys look perfect for your party!!

Prince Snow Farm said...

You know how to party!!!Love your dress...perfect with your blonde hair!

Hillcrest Acres said...

What a fun win and how great the party looks. Love, love, love your dress.

linda said...

Pictures like these make me realize why you left the East- such gorgeous weather for entertaining outdoors all year! Especially love the picture with your husband and the gorgeous clouds and sky turning pink. Your dress is so pretty!

Lori said...

And a gorgeous sunset!!
That's funny others commented about it too, couldn't help but notice the gorgeous sky in your couple pic.:)
What an awesome night and how kind of your friends to share the wealth!!