Landon's Self Portrait

Sometimes it's hard having a kid that is physically different. Landon's arm is an outside projection that he has challenges. Sometimes I think it's a good thing though. He's forced to talk about his arm. Can't hold it inside, or hide his feelings about it. Landon's attitude about what has happened to him has recently shifted. Maybe it's his age. He began to be upset about his arm (or maybe now had the words to tell me), and he even said to a physical therapist we went to:

I can't climb a tree.

Oh the tears were flowing that day. For me and him. I've been so busy being positive, so busy with my can do spirit, I forgot that I need to let this boy have a cry. He wants to climb a tree and right now can't. I am now focusing more on talking about his feelings about his arm and involving him in the process of surgeries and decisions. He seems much happier about everything.

At back to school night all the kids had done self portraits of themselves. All of them were adorable. Big giant circles with some hair and crazy looking faces. When I found Landons self portrait I was shocked.

Landon drew himself in the center of a cross full of hearts.

And that is exactly where he is. In God's hands. In God's favor. He is God's child and being healed from the inside out.

This kid is teaching me so much about love, acceptance, and especially about Gods love.


JR Mazur said...

What a beautiful portrait! It says a lot about him and about you as a parent that you bring him up with such love and spirituality. Hope the school year is going well so far for your kids (and you!)

eas said...

What an amzingly lovely picture he drew of himself.

KatiePerk said...

That portrait brought a smile to my face. It is beautiful.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I LOVE that!!!!! So beautiful!

Monograms Mud said...

Is it not amazing the things our children can teach us if we just slow down enough to listen? So glad to be a new follower!!

linda said...

Love the portrait- and his smiling face. So beautiful.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

That portrait looks to me like he is surrounded by love! :)