The End Of Camp Mommy- Landon's going to school

Well, it had to end sometime!

Landon starts school today. I'm excited to see how he likes the first grade but, really I want the Summer to go on....and on...... and on.....

Maybe it's because in the Summer we have no:

Doctors appointments

We are care free and fun.

We have had the best Summer of our lives. He, has had the best Summer of his life....

I get teary thinking of this guy ever leaving for college. I just want him around. I like him.

I will let you know how the first day goes. Has school started where you are? Are you going to miss the Summer as much as me?


suburban prep said...

My nephews have been in school for a week now.
It changes every year. Seems they start earlier now.
I remember starting the 8th grade on my birthday and that is in September.

Bama Girl in AZ said...

maybe if I lived near the beach, I would want summer to keep going! However, in AZ, I just want it OVER! Plus I love our school routine and activities!

linda said...

School hasn't started yet here in NY. He has the happiest smile-sooo cute!

3 Peanuts said...

Hope he had a great first day!!!! I totally get your comment abotu college...I just wrote about that this week too.