Camp Mommy- what to do with kids in LA!

After all the tennis camp and school camps we needed a break. I decided to start "Camp Mommy". Yes it's a lot more work, me planning all the events and taking them everywhere but I really have loved it. The kids have too!

Camp Mommy Day 1- Kids Space Museum Pasadena

This was the greatest day. So relaxing for me because the kids were occupied and the museum was empty!

The kids played in the water and then after a quick change we toured the rest of the place! They loved the knew Physics Forest with all the cool experiments!!

Camp Mommy Day 2- Annenberg Community Beach House

This is a great place. A community club! When it's overcast the playground and cafe are enough to keep them occupied. There's a splash pad and pool there too!


We went with a group of friends and had a ball!

Camp Mommy Day 3- Boys Day At Disneyland

I had already gone with Coco and a few of her friends to do the whole princess thing, so it was Landons turn to have a boys day at Disney. I love taking them individually so you can focus on what they love to do! We did a park hopper pass so we could go to Cars Land at California Adventure.

We were FINALLY able to ride the Cars ride in Cars Land! It was fast and FUN! Amazing. We also went on the Grizzly River Run white water rapid ride. My friend Erin and I got SO wet we had to buy a whole new wardrobe!! Yes we wore this around!!!

Camp Mommy Day 4- Swimming Play Date At Home!

The kids swam but I made sure I had a delicious lunch and WINE for these sweet Mommy friends! I served arugula salad with shaved parmesan and orzo greek pasta salad!

I loved getting these two together because they had a lot in common and tons to talk about. I love connecting Moms!!!

Well, it's Day 5 of Mommy camp and we are having more friends over today. I have been loving this time before school starts but I am ALMOST ready for things to get going!!!


JR Mazur said...

You're such a good looking mama!! The time your kids spend with you now will be even more meaningful to them as they grow up :-)

Myriam Knepper said...

Liz, these are very fun ideas to do with kids. You are an amazing mom!!!
Thank you for having us be part of Camp Mom this week! We loved it and had so much fun!
Myriam K.

Myriam Knepper said...

Hi Liz,
You are an amazing mom! Those are fun places for kids!
Thank you for having us be part of yesterday's camp Mom! It was lots of fun and the kids enjoyed. Loved our lunch, I will prepare the arugula salad soon.
Myriam K.

eas said...

Adorable! Love all uour fun during Mommy camp! EBS has same Mickey shirt from our trip to Disneyland for her third birthday. Love it all!!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

What fun with the kids! Love your Mickey outfit! I think if you lived on my coast we would laugh together often!

linda said...

I am re-living those years through your blog! You are such a great "hands on" Mom! Taking my only child to college soon- these years go by too fast.
ps you look too cute in your Disney gear! Oh to be tall and thin!