Feeling Free?

Look closely at this picture. I had to take it without them knowing. We were in Ojai enjoying the view when my husband and I noticed this couple.

Looks closely and you will see he is wearing an ankle bracelet. I had never seen one up close before, I was so struck by this. I was looking at this view, something so free, something everyone can enjoy. When I saw this guy I thought, maybe he is thinking something totally different.

Maybe he's thinking...I wish I was free.
Maybe he was thinking....I have a long road ahead before I am free
or maybe he was asking God for help.

The girl he was with gave him a hug. Then they walked back to the car. He was only there for 5 minutes.

It made me so grateful for the life I have. That view is a right, but also a privilege. I'm going to hope and pray he turns things around so that he can stand there and feel free too. I want that for him. Don't you? 

I saw a post like this on a new favorite blog of mine Simple Thoughts from Paige Knudsen Photography. She did a post called "Beauty and Laughter at 96". Check it out!


linda said...

Dear OFM, I have followed your blog for a while- you are truly a good, kind and thoughtful person. That you are beautiful is delightful bonus! Your family is lucky to have you.
-Linda, NY

KatiePerk said...

Wow! What a good point.

suburban prep said...

makes you appreciate what is in your life.

linda said...

P.S Just made your chicken pot pie recipe - it was so yummy! Thanks!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Wow, what a touching moment!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sad, it must have been minor crimes for him o be out & about. Whatever he did, I hope he can get back on track. It boils down to choices. Very moving photo.

Kate said...

Great post. I hope he is able to turn things around