Miracles All Around

(Don't let this picture fool you, he was smiling a few seconds later but had just gotten home!)

I was not happy or ready to be back at another hospital for surgery on Landons arm. I had already did a 10 day tour of duty with Coco at Childrens Hospital in December, and even though Landon's arm surgeries were scheduled long before, I didn't want to do it.

I hate that Landon has to have two surgeries a year on his arm. Last year when we told him it was happening again he threw up. I was dreading telling him. This time was different.

I think because Coco had been in the hospital, it had normalized the process for him a bit. I told him we were having surgery and getting a cast and he took it well. He was happy he wouldn't have to stay in the hospital like Coco did. I already had some presents lined up, special things planned (like a visit from Mimi and Pop), and he was okay with it.

Then on the actual morning we took him in, he was in great spirits and not scared at all. Even when we walked into the prep area, he was brave. nervous bu brave.  We had read "Franklin Goes To The Hospital" which details out everything from the ID bracelet to X-rays and makes it less scary. This book is amazing for any kid who has to go into the hospital, planned or not! 

And when he ran out of courage and it was time to leave us and go into surgery, the most precious thing happened. His doctor, who he's had since he was a baby, carried him into surgery. Landon dried his tears and draped himself over his shoulder.

I keep waiting for him to ask "why me?" but he doesn't. This is the only arm he's ever known. This is normal to him. I now see Coco's hospital stay was even part of the miracle of Landon's story and that even though you might not think so, miracles are all around.


3 Peanuts said...

What a beautiful post! I know God has BIG plans for him. It is so hard to bear illness when you are a child. I have seen it with 2 of my kids. I will pray for him and for you as it is really hard to go through all of this as a Mama.

When Will has had his surgeries and his scar on his head...I told him everyone has some "scars" some are on the inside and some are on the outside but we all have crosses to bear.


Nantucket Daffodil said...

My goodness you have been busy! Your kids are the sweetest.

I am glad Coco's stay helped landon. Everything happens for a reason!

Suburban Princess said...

Awww what a brave boy! I hope he is on the mend and feeling better soon!

Bella Michelle said...

Your precious little man is a very brave angel. I am so glad the going in this time was a bit less tramatic...I know, though, no matter how well he hanldes it your heart breaks not to be able to fix it for him. (((hugs)))

lizziefitz said...

Landon is a true super hero, like his mommy! Hugs

Courtney said...

Aww poor thing. So happy that he was able to put on a brave face, I know this has to be so tough for your family. Prayers for a speedy recovery. What an awesome doctor he has!

Amy said...

Poor thing! I teared up when I read about his doctor carrying him in...that's so sweet. Hugs!

lori carolina said...

Love this ~ how wonderful to have something good come from Coco's earlier experience!!
What a courageous young man you have there.

eas said...

It's just amazing the courage that one sweet little boy can have.

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Oh my goodness! So much to catch up on!

What a wonderful post! Landon is one courageous young man! I, too, have noticed that you have been looking more to God for comfort and what a difference it makes when we do! Both for us and for our children.

So happy that you are seeing the miracles all around! Sometimes it really is all in how we look for them... our change in perspective:)