Finding Strength In Tough Times

We all go through seasons of really tough times and change. I find more and more I am looking to God for answers. This book is really helping me put it into perspective!

Ron Wagley is the type of person you want with you in a crisis! Sympathetic but offers expert advice, exercises and practices to weather the storm. He gives us Gods perspective, which at times I forget!

Here's one review:

If you unexpectedly found yourself lying in a hospital bed with medical personnel busily working all about you, Ron Wagley is the person you would want to see walking through the door. He brings a profound sense of peace, wisdom, and unshakeable trust in God wherever he goes. After he visited with you, you would know everything was going to be OK. If you were in that hospital bed, you probably wouldn't be able to write down all the wisdom that he shared with you. Thankfully, you wouldn't have to. This book is a gift to everyone who has endured a difficult time in their life. Wagley's grasp of Scripture, common sense wisdom, and breadth of thought, makes this a go-to book whenever storm clouds begin gathering overhead. --Richard Blackaby

I think this book is for anyone going through a tough time, or has been through everyone!!!

Get it here.


Sarah Brooke said...

Sounds like a great book. I am in my 20s, don't have kids, and live on the east coast but your blog continues to be one of my favorites. You keep it so real! Happy Friday!

eas said...

I think this book could do us all some good. I always wait until going gets really tough to seek guidance but maybe I should think ahead and try reading this now while I'm in a good place.