Graduating From Preschool! Where'd My Baby Go?

The other night Landon made his way into our bedroom in the middle of the night, he wanted to sleep with us. He crawled in and we snuggled for a while. Then I carried him back to his room. His legs are so long they were dangling past my knees. It really hit me. This is a big boy now.

Today Landon is graduating from Preschool and we are so excited about how he's doing and who he is becoming. He's such a sweet, funny, good person. We are sad that Landon and Coco will be going to different schools, and that part of our friend group will be broken up. I really loved seeing my favorite Moms each morning. Change is hard!

So today I am a little melancholy. I look forward to seeing Landon graduate, and share that moment with him, but I keep asking myself: Where'd my baby go?

He will always be my baby. The one I begged God for. The one I prayed for healing. The one who triumphed against all the odds and remains one of the most positive and carefree kids around.

I'm one lucky Mama.
Happy Graduation Day Landon. More to come.


lori carolina said...

Ahhh, enjoy these moments....they do go fast. BUT, each stage is wonderful and holds it's own joys. I know at least until 12 anyway, that's as far as I've gotten. lol
It's funny that you mentioned his long legs cause that's the first thing I thought when I saw that first his legs are so long! lol
I love that last picture, he looks so handsome and has definitely crossed over from baby to boy!:)

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Amazing, isn't it?!? He IS such a grown up boy!

Anonymous said...

It is such a moment! (Sorry to hear about the head injury btw!). I wish we had a longer pre-school system here - it's only until 3, and Caspar started primary school days after turning 4. It's too young to be mixing with children up to 11, and he has grown up far too fast (sob!). Your school system is organised so much better!

"Cookie" said...

Crazy that this made me tear up! :) My son will be going to school all day this Fall. Like you, my baby is growing up! It makes me excited to see the boy he's becoming but sad at the same time. I'll confess that on nights when my hubs is working, and he crawls into my bed in the wee hours..... I let him stay there! The day will come when he won't want my cuddles so I'll get as much as I can now!