Favorite Things Week! Summer Fun With Kids!

These kids are already having the best summer and we've only had a few weeks of it! Here are some things Landon and Coco are LOVING.

Tennis Camp

Landon is getting so much out of this. The coaches are wonderful and teaching him about sportsmanship and listening! He things he's super cool with all his pals!

The Beach

It may sound simple but the beach is the best game in town. The kids can scream their heads off, or be quiet and dig in the sand. Heaven.

Pottery Barn Kids Mini Beach Towels

I ordered these cute towels for Landon and Coco. Since they are "Mini" towels they are the perfect size!!! On sale now for $15!!

Country Club Dinners With Friends

We just joined an amazing club with some friends and we are loving every second of it! They have amazing kid programs.

Katie Mack Bathing Suits For Coco!

I am loving these suits by Katie Mack! Got this one for Coco from her Mimi. Die for it!!

 Found it Here.

What are you doing with the kids this summer?


Barefoot in the Park said...

that suit is TOO CUTE!

lori carolina said...

i agree about the beach! love the swimsuits and that landon is hilarious!:)