Fun Things To Do With The Kids- Book Signing with Sarah Maizes!

Landon and Coco went to their first book signing at Chevaliers Book Shop! We were greeted by the author, and my pal,  Sarah Maizes, who wrote the cutest book called "On My Way To The Bath".

This book literally chronicles our bath time routine. The little girl in the story desperately does anything she can to avoid taking a bath while her mother becomes more frustrated. Of course the kids thought it was hilarious!

She read the book and personally signed it to them. The kids were riveted while she was reading, and I was so happy for them to meet a real author! Landon has been learning a lot about literature and was very excited.

Sarah, who I just love, also has a great blog called Mommy Lite.

After the book signing we looked all around the book stores kid section. I just love to see their excitement for reading! You can buy "On My Way To The Bath" right here on Amazon!

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lori carolina said...

How cute....sounds like something my boys can relate too! :)