Not So Fabulous- Fourth Of July In Arrowhead!

It was a great weekend of fun and sun....but then...stomach bug. Coco first threw up all over The Mr's truck. It was awful! The next day we thought she was over it. We managed to go to the little town, carnival, lunch...

 and so, happily optimistic, we went to my sisters house for the big Fourth Of July Party.

We were there five minutes before I looked at Coco and knew what was about to happen. I ran her to the bathroom and she threw up all over me, my Lilly dress, and the bathroom. Poor thing! We scooted home to our near by rental house to clean her up.

Soon she was skipping all over the house feeling fine. Don'tcha love kids? After she was asleep we had the babysitter stay with her and hubby and I got to enjoy the party.

And for a second outfit I didn't do too bad....the view was amazing.

We drove home with no more drama. We loved the views on the way home.

Of course once we got home Mr and I got the stomach flu. Can't win 'em all!!


S said...

So sorry your sweet girl was sick :( My boys have had that bug too this past week.

Suburban Princess said...

I am always amazed at how kids can throw up so much and act like nothing happened!

Fortunately you were close to clean clothes!

Maureen said...

Glad you were able to salvage some fun before it hit you too. It's no fun to be sick and even worse when one of your babies is sick!

Bella Michelle said...

I am glad your princess is feeling better and you got to enjoy at least a bit of the party!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh my...we had a vacation like that once in a house at the beach with another couple and their three children. Everybody got the bug over the course of the week with the exception of Legare and one of their kids.