Casey Anthony Not Guilty?

I was debating writing this post but I can't help myself. I, like the rest of the world it seems, am stunned by the news that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY. I can barely look at little Caylee's face without wanting to cry. There were so many lies told, so many inconsistencies, so many acts of out and out un motherly behavior.

Imagine the scenario, your child, goes missing. I know this is something everyone dreads. I can't bare to think about it. The normal reaction? Go to the press, scream, cry, get all your friends and family searching, look everywhere, spend day and night crying and pleading to God to bring your baby back. Right?

Casey's reaction?

1) Hours after she "drowned" she rented a movie from Blockbuster with her boyfriend
2) She failed to report Caylee missing FOR A MONTH.
3) She appeared in a Hot Body bar contest days after she went missing
4) Friend said she showed no signs of distress
5) Later in the month she got a tatoo saying Bella Vita (the good life)
6) She said a fictitious nanny kidnapped her
7) Her car was towed and her mom claimed "it smells like a dead body has been in the damn car"
8) She claimed she didn't report her missing because she was trying to find her herself
9) She partied, drank and had a real good time
10) She borrowed a shovel two days after Caylee went missing
11) She searched the word "chloroform" 84 times on her computer as well as "neck breaking" and "household weapons".

One of these would be strange, all eleven? I'm sorry but this girl is guilty. Even if Caylee did accidentally drown in their pool, half of these are bizarre and uncaring. There are mother's who don't want their children. Who kill them, drown them, hurt them. This is one of them. Caylee was cramping her style. She was young and wanted to party. She still to this day has no idea who the Father of Caylee is.

Her parents don't seem to be the picture of normal either, but it seems to me they loved their Grand Daughter. How sad to be put in the position where you are hoping your own daughter is not a murderer yet, there really is no other answer. I'm sure since they lost Caylee, they didn't want to lose Casey as well.

Now I am not on the jury. I know these people are bombarded with information and sequestered for days on end. It's a nightmare. Still I can hardly believe they set her free. Reasonable doubt? I don't think so. Looks pretty slamn dunk to me. Especially when there is NO OTHER ANSWER.

What's great about Karma, the Universe, God or what have you, is that what comes around goes around. Look at OJ Simpson. He's back in jail, but really was her ever out? Couldn't get a job, was made into a joke, and everyone knows he did it. Casey was already approached by Vivid Entertainment (porn), which is perfect for her. This is the life she will have now. She will still be in prison, one without bars. She and her parents will never be a family again, that ship sailed when she claimed her father and brother molested her. Casey's life will be bad...because she knows she killed her own child.

And the only solace I have is sweet baby Caylee is up in heaven with the one Father who truly loves her. She is happy and free. I would love to know what you think. Were you stunned? Do you think she's guilty?


madras 'n pearls said...

I thought she was guilty from the beginning. The verdict sickened me. Now that jurors are speaking out, I'm even more disgusted. They could have held out for a hung jury and forced the State to try her again.

LWH said...

Absolutely sickening. Like Madras above, I don't understand why, if the jury felt so strongly that she did it but they didn't have enough hard facts to Convict, they didn't hold out for a hung verdict and force a retrial. I can't imagine letting that woman go free, and the photos and coverage of the defense team partying and celebrating were just disgusting. So inappropriate. Yes, they won their case, but a little girl is still dead. This woman is sick, sick, sick.

Miss Janice said...

It's just horrible! I was in the courtroom to witness the trial about 2 weeks ago. The jurors were staring up at the ceiling, looking around the room, NOT taking notes, and yawning...obviously there minds were already made up!!! Ugh

Jessi said...

"She will still be in prison, one without bars. " That was my thought as well.

Mrs. R said...

I am still speechless. I would have called the police in less than 2 minutes if I could not locate my child, not a month later. Give me a break. She knows she beat the system. She lied on everything and everybody to get out of this. I know the defense has to do their job, but this is one case I would not have touched.

Andy said...

My only solace is that I believe her actual judgement is yet to come, and He knows the truth.

BroncoMom said...

Stunned....whenever I think about this situation my thoughts quickly turn to that sweet baby girl. I smile knowing that she is with Our Heavenly Father.

Jennifer said...

This just makes me sick, how could they find her not guilty? I too believe everything you've written about. how could she not report the "drowning" if that were how she died? why search chloroform? it's plain and simple she's GUILTY. Like others have said her true judgment day will come when she meets her maker. And I am also disgusted at the fact that she is now going to make millions of dollars off of her daughters death. the death she caused.

Kristy said...

You took the words out of my mouth! It's sick and I am so sad she will go free but you are right karma comes back around. She'll get hers one day. We can all ignore and boycott any book, movie, etc that she does so she doesn't make a profit for this!

Karen said...

I was also shocked by the not guilty verdict...really?! I saw an interview with one of the jurors and I'll be honest she didn't seem too bright. They (jurors) believed she drowned...odd since the evidence didn't point to that cause. Such a very sad story :( Makes me hold my sweet girl a little tighter.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is sad, and I agree that she has "guilty" written all over her face, but the prosecution overreached as they had. no. proof. I don't think there's a statute of limitations on murder charges - if they'd have waited, maybe she'd have hung herself with her own words later.

And as sad as this is? There were those four little girls in DC whose mother killed them and kept them in a chest freezer for a year. Does anyone talk about them? Does anyone mourn them? I don't think that Caylee Anthony's death is nearly as horrific as thousands of cruelties inflicted on children across the country every day. Hunger. Neglect. Abuse.