10 Things I Am Loving This Summer!

Granted my summer is being sidelined by strep throat, stomach flu and a now never ending cold. Yes, being sick in the summer is not dreamy. Not one bit!

That's not going to stop me from enjoying myself though!! Here are some things I am LOVING this summer:

Tori Burch Flip Flops:

I have the black ones but I love all of them! They make going to the pool or beach feel fabulous and they're comfortable!! BONUS!

2) My Lilly Pulitzer Josie Tunic (and Coco's matching shift!!)
3) Toasted Israeli (Pearl) Cous Cous with feta, cucumbers and mint!

Simply the best side dish ever and so refreshing!!!
Get the Recipe Here:

4) Swimming with the kids:

Coco loves the pool a juts her little legs out kicking and smiling. Landon now swims pretty much on his own and loves to go under water! Heaven! I love to see how happy they are!!

5) Fornash Bracelets:

Saw them on Tickled Pink and Green and have died for them ever since!

6) My new outdoor dining set from Ikea!

7) Ratatouille- not the dish! The Movie! Have you seen it? It's the cutest thing!!

8) Mojitos! Okay I admit I love them all year long but especially in the summer!

9) Coco's Table and Chairs (given by Cece and Peepaw) and painted by Bestie Katie who is the most brilliant creative person EVER.

10) My Orient Expressed Linen Bag!
Everyone orders it when they see mine! Order yours here:

Your turn! What are the top ten things you are loving this summer! Tell me or do a post!


Pink in a sea of blue said...

I love those flip flops and really want the green ones. Was looking at that couscous is the store yesterday, but didn't get it. Will have to try your recipe now. Ratatouille is my fav!! At Disney Epcot we ate at the French restaurant and the mouse (Remy??)visited us tableside underneath a silver platter. A highlight of our trip. Great list!

The Morrows said...

We are loving the pool, popsicles, tear free sunscreen, OPI cajun shrimp nail polish, grilling out, and indoor shopping.

Lin said...

Your outdoor dining set is so cute, I love it!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

I love your list...especially the Ikea, and the Lilly...and yep the mojitos too!