A Prescription For Me Time?

As some of you know, with The Mr out of work last year, I started a business. The good news is, I am busier than ever, the bad news is, I am busier than ever. You get it right? With the kids out of school, I am now juggling activities, play dates, camp, swim lessons, crafts, field trips and oh, working.

The thing is that Coco, now two, doesn't want to be left at home anymore. She wants to do everything big brother is doing! Now I have got two active ones to manage. Which brings me to last Friday night. I wasn't feeling well, but managed to go to bed and hope for the best. When I woke up Saturday morning I could barely get out of bed. My throat had closed up and I felt like I swallowed razor blades. I had a fever running too.

Knowing hubby (yes he's working again!), was working all weekend, I had called a babysitter for Saturday for a few hours (thank God). She had to stay the whole day. The next day I was no better. I somehow got myself into the car and drove to not one, but two urgent care docs. NOT OPEN. At this point I sat in the car and cried. Then I remembered our local, kind of shabby, hospital near by. I prayed I would get the treatment I needed.

I walked in and was whisked into a room within 5 minutes of arriving. There was no one in the hospital! Soon the doctor came in. He confirmed what I knew to be true. Step throat.

He was the sweetest older man, handsome with blue eyes. He told me he was giving me an anti biotic, a pain killer, an anti inflammatory pill, but then he said....

"But what about you Mom, you seem stressed. What do you have going on?"

I rattled off my business, kids, and all of the above I mentioned before.

"Where is your Me Time Mom?"

I was stunned. Then I started to cry. It's true that since I started a business, forget that, since I HAD KIDS. There's really no more "Me Time."

He told me he would give me the prescriptions, but I wouldn't be all the way better if I didn't take care of myself. See that folks? A prescription for "me time". Great. Now that I have my prescription...what the hell do I do? What do you do? Do you have any "Me Time"?


Cookie Crums (cookiecrums123) said...

It's a lot easier said than done! With two young kids, "Me Time" is few and far between. BUT... I tell myself this is just a phase. Two years down the road my boys will be older and less needy.

Each day... my MT is working out. It's normally after the boys go to bed but it's something I look forward to and enjoy. I'm killing two birds with one stone... keeping in shape and decompressing.

Suburban Princess said...

I chop up my day into 1 hour segments. My me time is from 3-4 pm. I sit on the couch with tea, chocolate and Y&R. At 4pm I hop up and get on with dinner stuff and cleaning up the den and kitchen.

Kate said...

It's soooo important! I like the metaphor of the oxygen masks on the airplane...you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else. I have a little me-time daily (the gym & my morning coffee/quiet time) and some time with my BFF's to recharge too...we shoot for once a week during the summer...during the school year, once a month