End Of The Year Playdate!

Landon's last day of school was last week so I hosted a little end of the year play date for a few friends and kids. We had a fun time chatting while the kids raced around like maniacs!

The kids meal was: Chicken Nuggets, Mac and Cheese, and watermelon. Of course they still wanted popsicles too!

For the Mom's I served: Pesto Pasta, Arugula Salad with shaved parmesan, and a plate of olives, stewed artichokes, prosciutto, and mortadello. I also had garlic naan with tzatziki (cucumber, dill, yogurt spread), and olive tapenade.

We lingered over our mean and pinot grigio and marveled about how big the kids were getting. Guess who thought she was one of the big kids! A fun lunch!

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Suburban Princess said...

Looks wonderful! The moms around here wouldnt dream of doing something so nice!